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What Apps for Freelancers in General Download and use?

Apps for Freelancers: Whatever your profession, the following essential freelance tools will always help your freelance career.

Time Tracker and Billable Hours Calculator – Clockify

Clockify is a time tracking and timesheet app to help freelancers manage billable time and track their productivity.

You’ll get everything you need to streamline your time management and professional documentation:

  • Manual time recording
  • Keeping track of time as you work on activities
  • Entering time into a timesheet
  • There are four different types of hourly rates.
  • The ability to specify whether or not your time is billable
  • Weekly and visual reports detailing how you spent your time on a project, client, or task over a given period.
  • The ability to save and send project reports to clients
  • An automatic calculation of the amount owed to you

You’ll also get a productivity dashboard with a total breakdown of the time you’ve spent following.

You will also be able to do the following:

  • Create stunning PDF reports
  • Integrate with more than 50 popular apps
  • Track time across multiple devices
  • Monitor idle time

Compare billable vs non-billable time to determine whether the time you spent on a project was worthwhile.

App Teux Deux – Getting Things Done

Teux Deux is a to-do app for people who work from home, with a browser version and an iPhone app for when you’re on the go.

This app takes a Getting Things Done approach to freelancers, allowing you to:

  • Add tasks
  • Set your schedule for today in a simple manner
  • Mark tasks as completed as you complete them
  • Have all work you didn’t finish today automatically transferred to tomorrow

You can also create recurring to-do lists, drag and drop them across days, and even create a bucket list of tasks to complete in the future.

To-Do – Task App & Task Manager If you loved Wunderlist before

Remaining discontinued, you’d love the To-Do app. It is another Getting Things Done app that helps you balance work and life. As the successor to.

Wunderlist, To Do, has many features that Wunderlist had.

Create a to-do list and share it with family, friends, and colleagues

  • Assign tasks to employees
  • Add attachments to tasks
  • Prioritize tasks

Add notes if you want to add additional information

You can also add tags to your tasks, such as #work and #private, to help you organize your tasks. Easily find functions in each category by clicking a hashtag or typing in the search bar.

The cushion is a planning application

The cushion is a planning application.

Because freelancers created the cushion, you can expect it to cater to freelancers’ needs. You’ll be able to schedule and plan your work and manage your projects, emails, and expenses in one place.

To be more specific, you can:  Plan your work in a Calendar; • view all of your tasks (including deadlines) in a Gantt-like chart; • send and track invoices; • estimate the final price for clients; • keep track of your financial goals; and • generate graphs showing your clients’ work, projects, and lists.

This app also aids in the maintenance of a work-life balance, with a separate section for planning, tracking, and scheduling vacations.

Bidsketch is a proposal application.

Every freelancer needs to know how to write a winning proposal, and Bidsketch can help you streamline your client pitches.

This app claims to cut the time it takes to create and send proposals in half by:

features of reusable content (with the option to have new client information inserted automatically)

data indicating whether clients viewed your suggestions when they did so and for how long

You can also increase your proposal approval rate by using the electronic signature feature, which may encourage potential clients to accept your pitches more quickly and easily.

Designer Apps for Freelancers

If you’re a freelance designer, you’ll need an effective collaborative design tool, a simple project management tool, and a user-friendly mind mapping tool to organize your thoughts.

Figma is a tool for collaborative design.

Figma is a complete designer and prototyping tool. You can use a grid to draw and scale your methods, combine and set multiple layers, and build, frame, and interact with your prototypes.

  • Essentially, you will be able to:
  • Create and distribute reusable elements and components
  • Override images when necessary
  • Simple text addition and styling
  • Appreciate effective team collaboration

This tool also ensures a strong connection between the design and development teams. Designers’ work can remain inspected, copied, and exported as CSS lines for developers to use immediately in their code.

InVision – project management and prototyping tool

InVision is a free project management and prototyping tool aimed at designers – you can draw and manage prototypes, compile ideas and project-related notes on a digital whiteboard, and communicate all project changes and updates to your team directly from the app.

You will also be able to:

  • present designs to clients and get feedback
  • create and share mockups, organize and classify them
  • Define mockups’ status ( In Progress, Pending Approval, Done, etc. )
  • Comment Directly on Prototypes

The app also allows you to test your designs directly in the app. In addition, a Sketch plugin will enable you to prototype your designs without leaving the app.


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