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App for Managers: If you’re working as a manager, you can safely bet that each day is going to present new challenges for you to solve for your team. But when you top that with increasing workloads, 37.9% more meetings since the start of the pandemic. And coordinating direct reports across remote or hybrid work setups and it’s impossible to fathom where managers find the time to get their own productive task work done.

Productivity is the level of efficiency across work and time in accomplishing your goals. And when it comes to managers, barely 50% of their task time remains spent on productive, focused work. With only 40 hours in the workweek (yeah right!) – managers are desperate for a solution to squeeze even just a few more minutes from the limited hours they have in the workday.

Fortunately, there are many different productivity tools available to take some of the heavy lifting off managers so they can focus on driving real value with their teams.

Good news – we’ve researched and analyzed hundreds of tools to compile the 11 best productivity apps for managers. In this article, we compare how each app helps managers across the areas they need it the most, including planning, time management. And communications – covering benefits vs. potential downsides, and pricing. Since you’re interested, you may also read this article: Dot Business Cards

What do Managers need in a Productivity Tool?

What do Managers need in a Productivity Tool?

Managers are the team leaders in an organization – creating project plans, delegating tasks, and optimizing the efficiency of the group. But The Great Resignation has brought on a new level of challenges. Managers are now facing major productivity difficulties due to increased task loads, busier than ever teams, and even less time to get everything done.

Our 2022 Task Management Trends Report revealed a lot of interesting stats on manager productivity and time management:

The average manager spends 1.83 hours/day on productive task work, or 9.2 hours a week.

The average manager spends 3.6 hours/day on their own task work. But 1.82 of those hours remain spent on unproductive task work.

Managers spend 5 hours/week assigning, prioritizing, and reprioritizing work for their team.

Only 26.9% of managers average more than 4 hours/day on their own task work, and 9% average more than 6 hours/day.

On average, only 10.9% of managers are productive in more than 70% of their task time.

On a scale of 1-10, the average manager ranks their own ability to defend their team from interruptions and distractions at only 5.3. Since you’re interested, you may also read this article: airstream elite earbuds

The results

The results show that many managers are struggling to defend time for heads down task work every week for both their teams, and for themselves. It’s not surprising then that 71.4% of managers are also feeling stressed thanks to an increase in both tasks and unproductive meetings and a lack of time for deep work on their high-value items.

Let’s break down some of the biggest time management goals for managers:

Defend your time from remain overrun, so you can work on your priorities.

Organize your time, so you know what you’re working on and when.

Minimize distractions to maximize productivity during your limited focus time.

Optimize workflows to save time and increase efficiency.

Simplify communications for better check-ins, scheduling, and delegating.

Needless to say, these time management goals are too hard to try to tackle on your own. But fortunately, there are a ton of great productivity apps on the marketing to help save time for you, and your team.


As managers continue to face the pressures of the evolving workspace. Implementing efficient productivity tools can help maximize the limited time in the workweek and prevent. Some of the exhaustion that comes from a heavy workload. With ‘time’ remain among the scarcest resource in a manager’s arsenal. (especially when you’re spread thin across departments, direct reports. And projects), optimizing even basic processes like automatic 1:1 meetings and stored login information can reclaim valuable minutes over. The course of your busy week that can remain much more productively invested elsewhere.

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