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Computar Lens M0814- MP2

Computar Lens M0814-Mp2

Computar Lens M0814- MP2 F1.4 f8mm 2/3″ – Lens system Computar C-mount lens through a fixed focal length of 8 mm and an aperture range from F1.4 to F16.

This 2/3″ lens suits less demanding applications and long working distances (> 50 cm) when mutual with the CMV 2000, IMX 249, and IMX 174 sensors, improved vignetting can occur depending on the application.

Computar Lens M0814- MP2 F1.4 f8mm 2/3"

General Information

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Netlist price: 129.00 EUR

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Destination: India

Accessory Type: Lens

Manufacturer: Computar

Lens Data

Focal Length: 8.0 mm

Lens Base: C-mount

Iris: F1.4 – F16.0

Iris Kind: Manual

IR Cut Filter: no

Sensor Format: 2/3

Min. Working Distance: 100 mm

Data Sheets

Data sheets for lenses cover technical details and requirements for working with a specific lens. These particulars include, for example, information on which sensor size is suitable for the lens, which mounts it uses, and the precise dimensions of the lens.

Computar M0814-MP2 C-Mount 8mm Fixed Lens

Computar M0814-MP2 C-Mount 8mm Fixed Lens

Key Features

  • Compatible with 2/3″ Sensors
  • C Mount
  • 8mm Focal Length
  • 1° Diagonal Field of View
  • Manual Focus & Iris with Lock Screws

Computar M0814-MP2 Overview

The M0814-MP2 C-Mount 8mm Fixed Lens from computer is compatible with cameras with a 2/3″ sensor. This fixed lens has an 8mm focal length that delivers a 67.1° diagonal field view. It features manual focus and iris operation with locking set screws.


Compact, low-distortion lens suitable for close-up applications in factory automation and image processing areas

  • Aperture range from f/1.4 to close
  • Manual focus and iris
  • 33′ to infinity focus range
  • 8 x 3.5″ object dimension at a minimum object distance
  • Locking set screws for focus and iris
  • 8 x 6.6mm (Ø11mm) maximum image format
  • CE and RoHS certified

Computar M0814-Mp2 Specs

Lens Mount: C

Sensor Compatibility: 2/3″, 1/2″

Focal Length: 8mm

Back Focal Length: 13.1mm

The angle of View: 2/3″ Sensor

Diagonal: 67.1°

Horizontal: 56.3°

Vertical: 43.7°, 1/2″ Sensor

Diagonal: 51.9°

Horizontal: 42.5°

Vertical: 32.4°

Minimum Focus Distance: From Image Plane: 0.33′ / 0.1 m

Focus Type: Manual Focus

Iris Type: Manual


M0814-MP2 Computar Lens 2/3″ 8mm MP · Captures full resolution of megapixel cameras · Low distortion · Assured excellent light intensity even in peripheral areas. The Computar M0814-MP2 is an 8mm F/1.4 precision lens designed with megapixel cameras. It features locking screws and a C-type lens mount.

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