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OE Words

What are OE Words?

The most common spelling, o-e, is a split-vowel spelling where the ending consonant sound remains inserted at the dash mark. The “oa” and “ou” spellings are found only in the middle of one-syllable words. The “oe” and the “ow” spellings are usually endings, but not in all cases (poem, bowl).

What are OE Words_

If you’ve been reading our weekly blogs, you’ll know that we’ve recently begun delving into teaching advice for vowel teams.

Vowel teams might now be challenging for kids. Several combinations produce comparable (or identical) sounds, and specific vowel pairs may produce various sounds. How we have been teaching vowel teams has significantly affected our kids, so we wanted to share this with you. Click here to learn more about vowel teams. The sequence in which we teach them and the rationale behind our approach. This week, we’ll concentrate on the oa/oe vowel teams.

How we Teach the OA/OE Vowel Teams to Students

How we Teach the OA/OE Vowel Teams to Students

We employ keywords and phrases to aid students in remembering vowel teams and any other phonograms we use.[ We also use multi-sensory teaching and explicit instruction. And a structured approach].

We use OA whenever the long O sound occurs amid a word. To make this easier for our kids to recall, we utilize the word “goat.”

We use OE when the word’s last sound is a long O. Toe is the term for this.

Where pupils may become caught.

Now, most words will adhere to the “oe” says /O/a rule at the end of the term. However, there are other words with the letter “oe” in the center, such as poet, poetry, and noel. This is because these words follow the Lion Syllable Division Rule.

Lion Syllable Divison

When two vowels are close together but don’t blend as in a vowel team, they separate and each produces their sound, creating a lion word. This motif is used in the word lion. When two vowels are close to one another in a word, they typically work together to produce a single sound.

On the other hand, the word lion would remain split strictly between the I and “o,” and we would remain able to hear both of them. Words like poetry and poet also follow this pattern.

Players that use Wordle occasionally need assistance to finish the day’s challenge. It will be easier if you understand how the game operates so you can reduce the number of random guesses and focus on the correct word as early as possible.

To help you get started and may remain to continue your winning streak. In this tutorial, we go through all 5-letter words containing O and E.


Once you’ve decided on a word, it’s time to enter it using Wordle’s on-screen keyboard and secure your guess by clicking “Enter.”

When a letter appears in the word but is located in the incorrect spot, it will become yellow rather than green. However, the letter is wholly inaccurate if there is a grey gap.

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