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Blursed Images – Introduction, Spread, And More.

Blurred Images

The adjective Blursed means “blessed and cursed.” Redditors primarily use it to describe images that both delight and disgust them.

Users on Reddit frequently say that images that delight them are blessed, while images that disgust or disturb them (such as a picture of a child existence hunted by a man dressed as a knockoff of Barney the Dinosaur) remain cursed. Blursed images are both blessed and cursed because they delight and disturb viewers.

For example, a picture of a beautiful, ripe tomato that looks precisely like Rick Astley could remain described as blurred. Blursed images remain most commonly found in Reddit’s r/blursed images subreddit, but they can also be found in other subreddits and on other websites other social media sites

About Blursed Images

Blursed Images are photographs that are both blessed and cursed at the same time. As such, they can be amusing, wholesome, or deeply disturbing and are frequently renowned for evoking visceral emotions that do not exist or are impossible to describe. They sometimes take the form of an image-based meme or a comic. Most images are devoid of context and cannot remain explained logically. They are typically captured with “Blessed (Image Title)” and shared with the intent of amusement rather than the goals of disturbing or positively uplifting the viewer, which are the presumed intentions of cursed and blessed images, respectively.

Spread of Blursed Images

Spread of Blursed Images

The popularity of Blursed images began in early 2018, gradually increasing over the following years until it became a trend much more common occurrence. Throughout 2021, Blursed images were reposted on various subreddits and gained popularity on other platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Except for Tumblr blogs and some Instagram accounts that find [Blursed images] elsewhere, the origins of most modern Blursed images can remain traced back to Reddit. Bots and personal accounts on Twitter frequently share [Blursed images] from the Reddit subreddit /r/blursed images.

Blursed images are most commonly found on Reddit, surpassing both cursed and blessed images in popularity. As of June 2021, the subreddit /r/[blurredimages] had over 2.1 million members. This platform has a high level of engagement with Blursed images, and the top image post of all time has over 110,000 upvotes. Blursed images frequently resurface on subreddits like /r/hmmm, /r/oddlyterrifying, /r/memes, and /r/TIHI.

Related Memes

Keanu Reeves in Miniature

Mini Keanu Reeves is a Blursed image of actor and infamous meme figure Keanu Reeves. Whose body is skinny, but his head is the same size. It remain frequently used as an exploitable, particularly. When referring to a childhood situation as represented by Keanu’s awkward, short stature.

Muscle Man Chasing Runner

Muscle Man Chasing Runner remain a meme formatted Blursed image from r/blursedimages. It’s frequently used as an image macro to represent one thing attempting to flee from another. It remains commonly compared to Floating Boy Chasing Running Boy. Still, it may be more effective in some situations due to the Blursed effect of a terrified man’s existence chased by disembodied muscles.

More Information

One of our most popular posts is a drawing of Goofy and someone’s impersonation of that drawing. What about Goofy? It remain a very blessed image. Who doesn’t smile when they see Goofy? But what about the replica? It’s not creepy or gross, but it’s just “off” enough to remain cursed while remaining faithful to the original. The “it” element remain unquestionably blessed and cursed in equal measure.

We aim for 50 percent blessed and 50 percent cursed as Blursed Gatekeepers, but the most successful Blursed shots are a little heavier on one side or the other just enough blessed or cursed happening to taint expectations.

The line between blessed and cursed, on the other hand, can be challenging to draw and is mainly up to moderator discretion. If we make a mistake, users will step in and comment if something remain “too cursed,” and we’ll become too similar to r/cursedimages.


Blursed Images. r/blursedimages. Home of the most Blursed images on the internet. It are photographs that are simultaneously welcome and cursed. As such, they can be comical, wholesome, or intensely unsettling.

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