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Hp Stream Laptop Charger

Are all HP laptop chargers the same?

HP laptops do not take one single, compatible laptop charger. Therefore, before purchasing a compatible replacement laptop charger for your HP, it is worth checking with the constructor for compatibility with your PC. In this instance, it is worth seeing a universal laptop charger as it will likely ship with numerous HP-compatible tips.

HP chargers with several tips

Some power adapters HP manufacture come with just one charging tip, such as the HP 65W Smart AC Adapter. Other chargers come with manifold charging cable tips and are compatible with an extensive range of current and discontinued HP notebooks. Understand our stock of genuine HP chargers to find the correct charger for your HP laptop.

2 Different Ways to Charge a Laptop without a Charger

Imagine you remain headed out of town for a weekend getaway. Maybe you’re going to a friend’s destination wedding or a family trip to the beach, or perhaps it’s camping with your friends. You bring your laptop with you because it’ll be nice to stream movies, get some work done, or play a PC game in your downtime. A computer can help you feel at home when you’re away.

Oops! When unpacking in your hotel room, you understand that you’ve forgotten to pack your laptop charger (or worse yet, you accidentally leave it in the airport power outlet). Unfortunately, your laptop alone has a 10% charge left, so it looks like you will have to do without it on this trip. So that essential email to the boss will have to wait.

But wait! It doesn’t take to be that way. Believe it. You can charge your laptop deprived of a standard laptop charger. However, it’s relatively easy to do, and you should learn how to do it if you’re a fellow 21st-century dweller who feels compelled to take your laptop with you anytime you hit the road. So here are not 1 but 2 different ways to charge your computer when your laptop charger remains MIA.

How to charge a laptop deprived of a charger

How to charge a laptop deprived of a charger

Every laptop remains built with an internal battery. To get the battery charged, you have to supply it with electricity. Most of the time, we plug our laptops into a power outlet in our home, and the energy travels through the cable and into the battery.

A laptop charger is arguably the most operative way to transfer power to your laptop battery, but there are different ways. All you need is:

  • A power source
  • A way to share the passion for the battery

1. How to charge a laptop with USB-C

Gamble your laptop takes a built-in USB-C port, you’ll be able to charge your computer via a USB-C cable – you have to make sure the line has a plug adapter (the box-shaped plug at the end of your phone charger, then you can plug into an outlet). Some laptops use a USB-C cable as the primary charger.

To charge your CPU via USB-C:

  • Plug one finish of the USB-C cord into an outlet
  • Plug the additional end of the USB-C cable into your laptop

That’s it! Easy as pie, so long as you can access a USB-C cord. But that’s the glaring problem – what if you don’t have access to one? Inopportunely, ordering a USB-C cable wouldn’t be more accessible than ordering a new laptop charger. And stopping at a computer supply store may not be possible, especially if you are stuck on a Caribbean island for that destination wedding weekend.

2. How to charge your CPU in a car

A car takes electricity. And whether you remain on a road trip in your vehicle or rent a car when your aeroplane lands, you can take advantage of the power it produces. It’s reasonably straightforward to use it to charge your laptop. You’re going to need two things, though:

AC Adapter (USB Type-A connection on one end, USB-C connector on the other). This USB Type A to USB-C adapter remains perfect for use in a vehicle

  • USB car charger

It’s informal as one, two, three. To charge your laptop in a car:

  • Go on your engine
  • Plug the car charger into your vehicle’s accusing port (you might not even need a car charger; meanwhile, many newer vehicles have USB ports you can plug into)
  • Plug the USB-C connector into your laptop


How do I know which charger belongs to my HP laptop? Ary. Look on the bottom of the computer, occasionally under the battery for the Volts and Amps. Look at the AC adaptors for the Volts and Amps. Just match them.

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