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How to Reply to “Is Network Marketing a Scam”

Is Network Marketing a Scam

My Answer is Network Marketing is a Scam

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How to Attract and Recruit Strong MLM Executives With Twenty-nine prospect sources, you’ll never run out of people to talk to. How can I understand that a network marketing company is a REAL SYSTEM or SCAM? It cannot be obvious to know if a

MLM company is a whole scheme or a scam. A departmental highlighter will help you understand a company’s authenticity, and some red flags will help you spot a fraud from fraudulent companies. Invited information is based on the direct seller/distributor’s lack of knowledge, has absolutely nothing to do with the company, and should not remain viewed or understood. Therefore, you should thoroughly review official documents and the policies and compliances that your company adheres to.

As a direct seller/distributor, it should come down to the company’s philosophy and profile. And the most significant thing is the product, its quality, whether there is a regular demand for or if I use these products once in a lifetime.

The technology used in them

  • Are they natural or synthetic?
  • Are they scientifically researched and powerful?
  • Do they add value to a person’s life?

Similarly, If the products are satisfactory, it is not a problem to recommend them. Simply recommending them to others for profit is not unethical. Still, it is satisfying enough for another person to add value to his life through these products, and he should not be ashamed to recommend them to others.

Genuine Scheme:

Suppose a company claims to be a direct selling company, a network marketing company, or an MLM company, from the government’s official list on the government’s official website. In that case, it remains connected, or If you can confirm that you are connected. The company is the existing system for the DSA, the Direct Selling Association.

DSA member companies are working on word-of-mouth recommendation business models. Earn money only when the goods remain sold. The company should be free to join one of the most different parts of the Pyramid scam, a genuine network marketing company.

If the product is research-based and results-oriented, the company must be considered a good network marketing company and have a buyback policy.

Although, If the company shows potential income according to its marketing/business plan, sounds logical, and does not insist on this, it is more credible. If a company distributes profits after paying taxes and workers’ wages and is transparent about all financial matters, then this company must remain trusted.

When a check or compensation remains given as promised by the company, and if the company has never missed a date in its history, it must be considered a real plan. Here are some highlights: You must be able to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent companies.

Fraud Fraud:

Although, You should be vigilant if your company is not registered and a member or affiliate of the DSA. Also, don’t fall for potential incentives that could lead you to fall for a scam and lose just by presenting misleading truths—your money and time.

  • You can earn money just by joining.
  • You can participate only after paying the registration fee.
  • Any company that operates on a cash flow system that is not a genuine network marketing company is a scam.
  • If the product is commercial and does not add significant value to the individual. This may be an attempt at fraud.


When a company claims to make you rich overnight and confirms your earnings after a specific time. They are a scam. Taxes not defined, not collected on behalf of customers, hidden, or companies hiding their operations from the government fall under the fraudulent fraud category. Return not provided in a timely and consistent manner. A significant red flag also flags the company as a fraudulent scam.

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