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Airstream Elite Earbuds True Wireless With Portable Charging

Airstream Elite Earbuds

True wireless earbuds from Airstream Elite with a carry case.


Available in the hues mentioned above: Black, Pink, Purple, Gray, Rose Gold, and In-Ear Stereo Sound Quality.

Ideal for calls, music, and movies to provide you with authentic sound.

Complete, thick sound remains produced via an all-in-ear design with a composite diaphragm moving coil unit.

Restores the dynamics of the sound and the audio’s authenticity using a natural sense of hearing.

Water-resistant and one-step pairing, effectively prevents splash damage from sweat and precipitation using nano-coating

When you remove two or any other wireless headphones, they’ll switch on and connect to the phone independently.

Offers a 32-foot barrier-free range, speedier pairing, a more steady connection, and signal transmission.

Smart Touch and Compact Airstream Elite Earbuds

Smart Touch and Compact Airstream Elite Earbuds

Aesthetically pleasing

Touch sensor included; simple to use, authentic wireless earbuds Feature a portable charging case that can double the number of times earphones remain charged.

Tap the headphones with a mic to change the sound, answer/reject calls, skip songs, and activate the virtual assistant.


6.63″ H x 5.38″ W x 2″ H Dimensions Weight: 0.1 ounces

What Is Contained? Airstream Elite Earbuds

One pair of Airstream Elite True Wireless Earbuds in your choice of color, along with a portable charging case.

Airstream Elite Earbuds

Welcome to the autostop team in this video. I will open air steam elite model airports. You can find that product on marshall ross, DJ max eBay, and Amazon. Let’s look at what we have. I gave that product as you can see the product specification on the back of that box. It is on the left side of the box.

While opening it, we tell you what’s inside the box. There is one pair of AirPods charging case charging cable and a user manual. Okay, I am opening now as you can see one couple of AirPods charging lawsuit charging cable and user manual this is the charging cable and as you can see it’s a type c cable a user manual, and that’s it.

The sound level is high Airstream Elite Earbuds

When we see the future parts, it’s a true wireless AirPods. The sound level is high if we compare apple AirPods, Samsung air dots, or beans. It is lighter than the product. The standby time is very well. It is hours and five hours of playing time per charge, and as you can see, all connectors are magnetic by the way the product is.

Bluetooth working range is feet the charger case by the way charts AirPods times the microphone is good while you are calling with someone on the top of the AirPods there are touchable buttons you can answer calls reject calls and play song pause song skip to the next song this is the products if you buy you can buy on  Maxx ross marshall eBay and amazon and it is a pretty good product.


Airstream Elite Earbuds True Wireless Earbuds With Portable Charging Case. True wireless, no cords · Ultra bass · High-quality sound · Hands-free calling · Auto pairing · Lightweight and comfortable · Bluetooth enabled · 60 hours of standby.

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