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What is Business Cards – Design & Print Custom Cards Online

Create Business Cards: Customize your design to create modern business cards that you can confidently hand out. Download and open the Sample File.

Open the provided example file business-card-design_START.indd. The sample business card uses standard US dimensions (3.5″ x 2″). Europe and other countries use 55mm x 85mm. When nothing remains selected in the document, the document settings appear in the Properties panel on the right.

I am displaying the front side of a business card in normal mode. This mode displays non-printable objects such as borders and text frames—Press W to toggle between normal and preview mode. Preview mode hides distracting non-printing things.

Place the logo on the Front of the Card

Select File > Placement and browse to the File provided. Click Open.

When the cursor displays the logo graphic, click where the top and left edges meet to draw a rectangular frame.

To resize the logo and frame proportionally, select the Selection tool in the toolbar, press Command+Shift (macOS) or Ctrl+Shift (Windows), and drag a corner handle.

If you need to move the logo, use the selection tool to click on the frame and drag it to the desired location on the page.

Replace Placeholder Text

Select the Text tool on the toolbar.

Select each line of text individually and replace it with your text. These steps preserve fonts, text layouts, and text styles.

Styling the Text The

text is already formatted, but you can customize it by changing various settings in the Character section of the Properties panel.

To format the entire text frame, select the text frame using the selection tool.

Tick the down arrow next to the font name to select a font installed on your computer, or click Find Next to locate and activate an Adobe font.

To format some text differently, try selecting it with the Text tool and changing its Appearance.

Select the name and click the Uppercase button in the Belongings panel. Rise the font size to make it stand out.

Choose a title and practice changing the font and style.

Designing the Back of the Card

Create the back of the card. Click the Pages panel tab or choose Window > Pages. Double-click the page 2 thumbnail to display it in the document window.

Select the black square with the selection tool and click the Fill color box under Appearance in the Properties panel.

Please select a color swatch. You may need to scroll to see all colors offered.

Next, place another logo using what you learned earlier.

Select File > Placement and browse to the File provided. Click Open.

With the cursor loaded, drag the rectangular frame anywhere on the colored rectangle. Press Command+Shift (macOS) or Ctrl+Shift and drag a corner handle of the frame to resize it proportionally.

Place the logo.

Position the logo precisely by dragging it to the center until the intersecting smart guides appear.

Please Save the Business Card

Select High or Print Quality based on your commercial printer’s references.

Choice the Marks and Bleed Marks category and do the following:

In the Marks area, select Crop and Bleed Marks.

In the Bleed and Heading section, select Use Document Bleed Settings.

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