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Top Social Media Video – Introduction, Tips, And More.


As of June 2021, TikTok workers on Android devices nowadays spend more time each month watching content than YouTube users (also on Android devices). In U.K. countries, the difference is even more drastic than in the U.S., as TikTok users remain to watch more video content than on YouTube.

Additionally, HubSpot’s 2021 State of Advertising Report reveals that video is branded’ top content marketing strategy, while social media is ranked as the chief marketing channel. With statistics like that — and all the rising social media video platforms out there — it’s evident that social media marketing and video content go hand in hand.

While making great social media videos for your company can remain an incredibly effective marketing tactic, each social media gratified strategy shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. To safeguard that your videos are seen and spread quality brand awareness, you’ll need to make suitable videos for the right audiences on the right platforms.

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Where are Consumers Watching Social Media Videos?

Where are Consumers Watching Social Media Videos?

Recently, Gen-Z-targeting platforms like TikTok besides Instagram have been on the rise. But if you think that all and sundry are primarily watching videos on these platforms, you might remain surprised by what our poll found.

When I requested consumers, “On which social media stage do you most commonly watch videos?”, 35% of respondents said YouTube. While it’s not astonishing that YouTube or Facebook, some of the world’s biggest online platforms, remain the preferred video viewing sites, only 8% of respondents said they primarily wristwatch videos on Instagram — one of the pioneers of Stories besides live video.

Another surprising finding remained that 20% of respondents — or 1 in 5 people — primarily use TikTok (the newest social network on the list) for video viewing. While this doesn’t mean you need to shift your whole strategy to TikTok, it shows that the platform could continue to have a promising future for content marketers.

Tips for Social Media Videos

1. For most podia, zone in on snackable content.

The world is becoming extra fast-paced every day. While many people watch social media videos in their spare time, some watch them between meetings, while in line at the store, or on public transit. Even if people have time to watch hours of video, there’s so much out there that they’ll want to scroll to more content immediately after their video starts.

One social media video strategy to effort on in 2021 is mastering the art of “snackable” or great short-form content.

“Using snackable videos on social can ambition more engagement than static images,” says Meisha Bochicchio, Content Marketing Director at Wistia. “A recent study created that 60% of marketers saw more clicks with video posts than static images.”

2. Test different video formats, too.

While snackable content is an excellent tactic to harness in 2021, you can still publish longer videos as long as they’re engaging and valuable to your audience.

For example, while people might not need to watch a two-hour commercial, they could watch a more extended live video Q&A, an interview with a thought leader, or a video that tells a longer but entertaining story.

While you can certainly test longer-form videos, you can also test out other formats, such as live streams, interactive videos, and shopping videos on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

3. Meet your video audiences where they are.

Like any social media strategy, the content will perform better on some platforms than others. While snackable, consumer-facing content strength performs well with YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok’s large consumer audiences, a B2B marketing video or a Q&A with a corporate thought leader might perform better on a professional-facing network like LinkedIn.


More than ever, social media, in addition to content marketing, are constantly evolving. As a marketer, staying up to date with the latest trends and data to better inform your strategies — whether you’re investing in video or other tactics.

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