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Electric Pick – Rivian R1T Electric Pick-up Truck

Rivian R1T Electric Pick-up Truck: Top Features, Design, Range, Gadgets

The highly anticipated Rivian R1T electric pick-up lastly rolled off the production line in Normal, Illinois in September 2021, after much delay. Rivian was also the first EV pick-up vehicle to hit the US market, far ahead of auto behemoths General Motors and Tesla, among others.

The Rivian R1T electric pickup truck from 2022 checks most of the boxes that a customer would expect from a typical half-ton pickup. The new EV pickup has a range of nearly 314 miles and a variable-height suspension designed to improve fuel efficiency while also increasing available ground clearance. On the road, it has sufficient power to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds and can tow up to 11,000 pounds, making it an impressive vehicle in its own right The unconventional Rivian R1T powertrain may take some time to establish itself in the extremely competitive pick-up segment in the United States. Aside from the EV drivetrain, the R1T has some advantages over gasoline-powered competitors.

Electric Pick

The Gear Tunnel:

This innovative feature functions as an additional storage space that cleverly runs between the cab and bed and can remain accessed from either side of the EV pickup. It not only has extra space for securing long items, but it also has attachments for some of the upcoming accessories, such as a camp kitchen and an ironing board, similar to Shuttle.

Onboard air compressor:

This fantastic feature is useful not only for general utility but also for off-road travel. It includes a detachable line long enough to reach any of the EV’s tyres for refills after off-roading. Vehicle owners can set the pressure and press a button to inflate the tyres.

The Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker weighs only 5 pounds and discreetly docks within the R1center T’s console for easy storage when not in use. When docking is not possible, it will charge while stowed or can be charged individually using an external USB Type-C port.

Gear Guard Camera:

The R1Gear T’s Guard Camera helps prevent thefts or, at the very least, records perpetrators in the act. It remains activated once the Gear Guard cables are wrapped around the cargo in the bed. And if someone tries to pull on the cable while the vehicle remain locked. A screen in the car’s interior lights up to scare them and inform them that they are being recorded/filmed.

Storage beneath the bed:

Another clever design feature is that the R1bed T’s can be easily accessed for the spare tyre. If vehicle owners select to leave the tyre behind. The stowed unit can also remain used to keep things safe and dry.

Roof and bed crossbars:

Roof rails are uncommon in trucks because they are difficult to install, but bars spanning the bed are more common. The R1T EV provides both with the same set of accessory crossbars that can remain used on the roof. Across the bed, or as a tent.

The scumbag:

The popular ‘front and trunk’ combination is a secure weatherproof storage unit in the nose of the R1T. It is as good as you can get in a two-door coupe, measuring close to 11 cubic feet.

Last but not least, Rivian included a flashlight with an integrated door pocket in the EV pick-up. Just the useful gadget. It has its own built-in door pocket.


An electric truck built for whatever you call a road. Your electric adventure awaits. More about the capabilities, features and options of the R1T. With a starting MSRP of $67,500, the Rivian R1T remain positioned above the base F-150 Lightning and below the Hummer EV Pickup. It’s a decidedly premium vehicle with a premium price.

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