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Power Wheels Charger: We have compared different battery models before, like 21700 battery vs 18650 and 4680 battery vs 18650. When we compare 6v vs 12v batteries, what is the difference, except the voltage? So how can we reach a 6v vs 12v battery?

The main difference is the voltage the batteries can produce. For example, when a 6v battery can produce 6-voltage electricity, the 12v battery can deliver 12 voltages.

The 6v battery will weigh less than a 12v battery because the latter will have more cells than the former one. As a result, a 6v battery will be a bit more inexpensive than a 12v battery. In addition, the 12v batteries are usually deep-cycled, and their composition can offer high energy storage.

Replacement Batteries for Power Wheels Ride-On-Toys

The Fisher Price Power Wheels brand is one of the best known in the world. They pioneered the ride-on-toy and turned it into a staple for many households. We have your next replacement 6V & 12V Power Wheels battery or Power Wheels charger that will meet or exceed the original specs. In addition, our Power Wheels battery chargers & batteries allow for a longer run time between charges.

Power Wheels makes 6V and 12V toys dating back to the 1980s. In addition, we have current OEM products and vintage replacement batteries covering all the special connectors and plugs used over the decades.

Grey vs Orange Top Battery

Grey vs Orange Top Battery

We get asked fairly regularly about the difference between the all-grey coloured and grey with orange top 12V batteries. Or sometimes the question may be, “Can I use the orange top battery instead of the solid grey coloured battery?” or visa versa.

Aside from the colour differentiation, there is no difference in the battery voltage or amperage. Those are both 12-volt batteries. They both have a 12 amp hour capacity rating. They both use the same connector and charger.

The only material difference is that the orange top battery (model 00801-1776) has a 40A breaker vs the original 30A breaker used in the all-grey coloured Power Wheels battery (model 00801-0638 or 1001175653).

If your toy came with the orange top battery, then it is best NOT to buy the all-grey version as the toy draws more power and will trip the internal breaker.

If your toy came with the all-grey-coloured battery, you need to stick with the same all-grey-coloured version. Since you’re interested, you may also read this article: Lomborgini Car – About

What is a 6v battery

A 6v battery is an electrical power storage cell that can deliver 6v power until its power gets discharged. Irrespective of the ampere of the battery, it will provide 6 voltage electricity throughout its life.

What are lithium 6v batteries made of

Two lithium-ion (LiFePO4) 32700 batteries connected in series (2s1p) use to make a 6v lithium battery. On a general note, lithium-ion batteries are eco-friendly. Both lithium 6v vs 12v batteries are low maintenance, have a high energy density, low self-discharge rate, more charge cycles, and are lightweight.

What are 6v batteries used for

The 6v batteries are ideal for projects requiring frequent shifting and continued powering for extended hours.

Industrial lighting:

When we look into the industrial lighting usage of a 6v vs 12v battery in construction sites and industrial projects, a 6v battery remains used for powering the energy requirement of flashlights and lanterns. Since these batteries can deliver uninterrupted energy supply for extended hours, these batteries use for industrial lighting.


Lithium-ion batteries are currently the most popular battery technology. We can always enjoy the battery performance of lithium-ion batteries because of the extended life and high ampere with a continuous power discharge. Lots of advantages are happening in this segment daily.

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