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Levis Height – Reasons, Personality, and More

Levis Height:

One of the most well-known characters in Attack on Titan is Levi Ackerman. Despite Levi’s tiny stature—he stands only 160 cm—many fans still like him for his good looks and skill at taking down Titans.

Therefore, you may be wondering why Levi Ackerman is so small. There must be a good reason why Levi is the shortest member of his team.

 Although this, his brooding personality is not what makes Levi so memorable — it’s his height. Levi stands at a more petite 5’3, but this has never halted him in terms of ability. His size is more beneficial on the battlefield than bulk and brawn.

The Reason Why Levi Ackerman is Short

The Reason Why Levi Ackerman is Short

Levi Ackerman was severely undernourished as a child and is so short. In addition, Levi didn’t get much direct sunshine exposure during his boyhood because he spent much of it Underground, limiting his vitamin D intake, an essential nutrient for physical growth.

Due to Levi’s love of tea, there is another factor. Tea consumption could lessen the body’s capacity to absorb calcium, which limits Levi’s growth.

In addition to the above-listed issues, Levi additionally has sleeplessness. He typically only sleeps for 3 hours, which significantly slows his growth.

Levi was the Scouting Legion’s shortest member as an adult because of this. Levi is still a terrifying presence in any battle situation despite his size! Levis Height


Since his early years, Levi is referred to as a “clean freak” by those who know him because he prefers to keep his surroundings and himself immaculate. He has been observed wiping his blood-smeared swords while still on the battlefield because he dislikes getting his equipment dirty. He won’t be afraid to get dirty if he thinks it’s necessary.

Levi is not a particularly friendly person despite his obsession with hygiene. He rarely displays emotion, which gives the appearance that he is frigid. His speech is frequently direct and aggressive, and he frequently makes crude or inappropriate comments. He is not above inciting or disparaging individuals who disagree with or anger him. His sense of humor is often crude, hurtful, and dark. He is unnerving to a lot of people because of all of this.

Levi put a lot of trust in his companions in his pre-Survey Corps illicit life, when he resided in the Underground City, just as he would later do with his subordinates. Still, he refused to follow instructions from anybody (as Petra Ral tells Eren). But after joining the Survey Corps, he developed a deep respect for Commander Erwin Smith, whose directives he gladly obeys because he believes in Erwin’s plans for the Corps.


Vertical Maneuvering Equipment

Even after losing several of his fingers, Levi could still use the equipment almost as readily as before. Everyone claims that Levi is the best at operating vertical maneuvering equipment. Additionally, he is reported to remain significantly more valuable than all of the other soldiers, valued at as much as an entire brigade. He was also regarded as strong even before enlisting in the Survey Corps.

He has demonstrated the capacity to disable the Female Titan by moving too quickly for her to defend him, something that entire squads and even Eren in his Titan form could not do. Zeke Yeager, one of the most powerful Warriors in the Marley army and a highly skilled Titan, remain even conquered by him in his Beast Titan form.

Both of these attacks had some level of strategy and tactical advantage because the Female Titan was exhausted from several battles in a short period, and Levi remained surprised Zeke by engaging him and approaching him too closely for Zeke to defend against. Despite this, Levi still had incredible skill with a pair of blades and quickly carved the Beast Titan’s arm into several clean pieces that all fell to the ground together.

However, Levi has demonstrated that he can face off against strong Titans in a one-on-one battle where he can make the most of his vertical movement abilities. For instance, Levi once again defeated Zeke in a forest setting where he could use his vertical equipment effectively. Levis Height

Strength – Levis Height

Strength - Levis Height

Levi is incredibly physically strong, which is undoubtedly demonstrate by his proficiency with vertical manoeuvring tools. Despite his diminutive size, his well-muscled body makes him highly strong. And capable of effortlessly defeating his opponents. Levi once deflects a Female Titan assault before it can hit Mikasa by using her hand to hurl himself into her mouth. However, this does not stop him from hurting himself.


Levi has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to evaluate events quickly. And make thoughtful decisions even during battle, in addition to his exceptional battle prowess. This has enabled him to save himself and his allies on numerous occasions.

Such as when he realizes the Female Titan cannot remain easily killed due to her skin hardening. And regenerative abilities, saving Mikasa, or the time he battles Kenny Ackerman inside a bar. Stopping his enemies with chairs, a double-barreled shotgun, and even corpses. Levi acknowledges that not everyone can be correct all the time. And that some situations are out of a person’s control.

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