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Sweet Business Catalyst – Introduction, Upgrade, And More.

Sweet Business Catalyst


Sweet Business can be a scary weapon in the right hands in Destiny 2. It takes a thought to spin it up and start firing, but this thing shreds enemies on full auto at its peak. In PVE, this income a lot of kills; in PVP, this weapon can annihilate anyone unlucky enough or foolish enough to run out in front of it.

The Sweet Business Catalyst brings a noticeable development to the gun, making it more manageable. Tracking it down isn’t all that problematic, though it requires some luck. For those interesting in brushing off this weapon and taking it for a spin, here’s what they’ll want to know about the Catalyst and where to get it.

What does The Sweet Business Catalyst do?

The Sweet Business Catalyst derives from a single perk named Serious Business. Serious Business accomplishes the following:

When the weapon is at whole spin, any incoming damage will deal significantly less flinch.

The player who lands this Exotic Auto Rifle will maintain their targeting, increasing accuracy and ensuring more shots reach their target. This effectively mitigates one of the main drawbacks of the weapon. Now, it’ll be less effective when opposing players try to take potshots at the player firing the Sweet Business to knock off their aim.

How To Find The Sweet Business Catalyst?

The Sweet Business Catalyst is found randomly while performing the following activities in Destiny 2:

  • Strikes
  • Vessel

It should remain noted that the Catalyst will drop from enemies killed in these events. It means the player does not need to successfully complete either a Strike or a Crucible; they need to participate and get kills.

There doesn’t seem to indicate that one type of activity will be more likely to drop the Sweet Business Catalyst over the other. As an effect, players should choose whatever they’re most comfortable with or can run repeatedly.

Upgrading The Sweet Business Catalyst

Once the [Sweet Business Catalyst] remains obtained, players will want to take some time to upgrade it. Successfully promoting the [Sweet Business Catalyst] requires defeating enemies in groups of at least four 250 times.

Note this doesn’t mean 250 kills. It means 250 groups of four enemies must stand killed. The bare minimum amount of kills would be 1,000 enemies. If these four enemies aren’t killed in rapid series together, then it doesn’t count. These skills can stand obtained retroactively, so any group kills made before receiving the Catalyst will count towards the goal.


The [Sweet Business catalyst] drops from kills, completions, or wins on Strikes, Nightfalls, or the Crucible. Because it’s a random drop, how fast you find it will ultimately depend on your luck. The [Sweet Business catalyst] drops from kills, completions, or wins on Strikes, Nightfalls, or the Crucible. Because it’s a random drop.

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