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Cidade de Florianópolis foi Fundada no dia 23 de Março de 1726


Alguns Consideram Que a Cidade de Florianópolis foi Fundada no dia 23 de Março de 1726- Anyone who sees oyster and shellfish fishermen today on the quieter beaches of Florianópolis cannot imagine that thousands of years ago, the Tupi-Guarani Indians were already doing the same thing there. They were the first inhabitants of the place. Then, it was the Portuguese’s turn. Santa Catarina Bay was a perfect place for Portuguese expeditions that departed from São Vicente (SP) to resupply before heading south. Much later, the Bandeirante Francisco Dias Velho arrived and settled in these lands with his family. The place was named after Nossa Senhora do Desterro and grew from then on. It became an independent municipality on March 23, 1726. (This is why every year, on that day, Florianópolis celebrates its foundation.) A few years later, the city was occupied by Portuguese soldiers who built fortresses and installed cannons to defend the coast.

The population began to grow with the arrival of thousands of Portuguese from the Azores and Madeira Island, which would exert a decisive influence on the Portuguese spoken there. After the proclamation of the Republic in 1889, Santa Catarina resisted the new government. I wanted to be independent. But the federal troops did not leave, and a civil war ensued. The national victory occurred when Marshal Floriano Peixoto was President of the Republic.

Cidade de Florianópolis foi Fundada no dia 23 de Março de 1726

How did This Date Come About Alguns Consideram Que a Cidade de Florianópolis foi Fundada no dia 23 de Março de 1726?

Francisco Dias Velho founded the city with the name of Nossa Senhora do Desterro, given that name because its founder took an image of the saint and built a chapel in her devotion. Nowadays, the saint is the patron saint of Florianópolis.

It became an independent municipality on March 23, 1726. (This is why every year, on that day, Florianópolis celebrates its foundation.) However, it was from 1894 that the current name was adopted. The reason was to honor the president of the republic, Floriano Peixoto, who was the 2nd President of Brazil.

In 1926, they built the Hercílio Luz Bridge, which became a symbol of the city. Today, Floripa is a vast city and the state’s capital of Santa Catarina. It is the land of tennis player Guga, tourism, commerce, services, stunning beaches, the island’s lacemakers, who still make delicate pieces, and the fishermen who continue to look for the fish that the city offers.

What is Logical reasoning?

In all competitions or entrance exams, logical reasoning is required, so to study, the best thing the student can do is solve questions about Logical Reasoning; for those who like it and already know the math part well, the best thing is to study the logical reasoning part more carefully, carefully reading the PDFs and solving competition questions with lots of exercises to memorize how to solve them.

Logical Reasoning Exercises of Florianópolis

Logical Reasoning Exercises of Florianópolis

Logical reasoning questions are prevalent in competitions, entrance exams, and Enem tests. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to practice this question with the solved and commented exercises.

Question 1

Discover the logic and complete the following element:

1, 3, 5, 7

2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64

0, 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, 36

4, 16, 36, 64

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8

2,10, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19

Question 2

(Enem) Playing cards is an activity that stimulates reasoning. A traditional game is Solitaire, which uses 52 cards. Initially, seven columns are formed with the cards. The first column has one card, the second has two cards, the third has three cards, the fourth has four cards, and so on until the seventh column, which has seven cards, and what remains forms the pile, the unused cards in the columns.

The number of cards that make up the pile is

  1. a) 21.
  2. b) 24.
  3. c) 26.
  4. d) 28.
  5. e) 31.

Question 3

(UERJ) In a coding system, AB represents the digits of a person’s birthday, and CD the digits of their birth month. In this system, the date July 30th, for example, would correspond to:

A equals three space space space space space B equals 0 space space space space space C equals 0 space space space space space D equals 7

Admit a person whose date of birth meets the following conditions:

A plus B plus C plus D generations 20

This person’s birth month is:

  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November

Question 4

(FGV/TCE-SE) Two turtles were together and started walking straight towards a distant lake. The first turtle traveled 30 meters per day and took 16 days to reach the lake. The second turtle could only cross 20 meters daily and arrived at the lake a few days after the first. When the first turtle arrived at the lake, the number of days it had to wait for the second turtle to arrive was:

  1. a) 8
  2. b) 9
  3. c) 10
  4. d) 12
  5. e) 15

Question 5

(FGV/TRT-SC) Some consider that Florianópolis was founded on March 23, 1726, which fell on a Saturday. After 90 days, on June 21st, the date marked the beginning of winter, when the night is the longest of the year. That day fell into one:






What are the Elements of Logical Reasoning?

What are the Elements of Logical Reasoning?

To understand how this reasoning develops, we need to know which elements are at play:

Propositions or premises

Propositions or premises, also known as sentences, are terms used to refer to the set of words or symbols that represent some thought with complete meaning.

See some examples of propositions:

  • The bike is yellow.
  • The streets are made of gold.
  • Amazonas is located in the United States.
  • Belo Horizonte is the principal of Minas Gerais.

Note that sentences can be true or false; they need a complete meaning. These are the famous phrases!


Some laws or principles govern logic when we analyze a proposition. For it to be considered authentic, it is necessary that:

Principle of Non-Contradiction

The same proposition cannot be accurate and false at the same time. Whether it is true or false, both are not possible simultaneously.

Principle of Excluded Middle

The proposition is conditioned to be only one of the things when two are presented. It’s either blue or yellow, for example.

This is an adaptation of the previous principle, but it doesn’t talk about falsehood but about characteristics.


Letters are often used to represent and simplify prepositions, which can be uppercase and lowercase.


“the apple is sour” – premise “a.”

“the apple is not ripe” – premise “b.”

Furthermore, two propositions can be joined together through connectives (symbols that mean words). Are they:

  • ⇒ concerns “then”
  • ⇔ concerns “if only if.”
  • ~ refers to “no.”
  • ∧ concerns “and”
  • ∨ refers to “”

Thus, b ⇒ a means “the orange is not ripe, so it is sour.”

It is also possible to compose new propositions by negating some other offer. Look:

  • Conjunctions: a ∧ b, it is the same as reading a and b
  • Disjunctions: a ∨ b, it is the same as reading a or b
  • Conditionals: a ⇒ b, it is the same as reading a then b
  • Biconditionals: a ⇔ b, it is the same as reading a if only if b

Truth Tables

Truth tables represent all possible situations when we analyze a preposition and its combinations with connectives.

Logical Equivalences

Logical equivalence occurs when the same truth table forms two compound propositions. See the example below:

Logical equivalence – logical reasoning table

Validity of the Argument

We can arrive at arguments through deduction or induction, but their validity only depends on the logic of the sentence, not the content itself.

Enough theory, right? This is just a language that translates what’s going on in your head into symbols. The aim is to save time and space on paper.

Answer Key for Questions About Logic!

Answer Key for Questions About Logic!

Solved exercise from question 1 

Correct alternative: b) 24.

Solved exercise for question 2 

Correct alternative: b) September.

Solved exercise for question 3 

Correct alternative: e) Yara lives on the 4th floor and has a dog.

Solved exercise for question 4 

Correct alternative: d) If Carlos was not approved in the competition, he is not Fulano’s student.

Solved exercise from question 5 

Correct alternative: a) 8.

Solved exercise from question 6 

Correct alternative: e) Sebastião is not the youngest.

Solved exercise from question 7 

Correct alternative: d) Denise.

Solved exercise from question 8 

Correct alternative: e) Friday.

Solved exercise from question 9 

Correct alternative: a) Today is Saturday, and I will work tomorrow.

Solved exercise from question 10 

Correct alternative: c) 2 after turning it 90° counterclockwise.

Solved exercise from question 11 

Correct alternative: b) B.

Solved exercise from question 12 

Correct alternative: c).

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