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Blue Hp Laptop


PC and printer giant HP unveiled its new Pavilion series of laptops powered by 12th Gen Intel H Core processors for seamless work and learning experience. The HP Pavilion Plus 14-inch laptop starts at Rs 78,999. Although, The HP Pavilion x360 14-inch laptop starts at Rs 76,999.

The HP Pavilion Plus 14-inch laptop comes in colors such as Space Blue, Natural Silver, and Pale Rose Gold. HP India, Senior Director of Personal Systems, Vickram Bedi, said: This PC and Pavilion x360 14″ device remains designed to deliver a great experience that keeps you connected, engaged, and productive.

At 16.5mm with an all-metal body, it’s the thinnest Pavilion device ever. The HP Pavilion Plus 14-inch is a lightweight device powered by the H-45 Watt 12th Gen Intel Core H processor. In addition, the HP Pavilion Plus 14-inch laptop has dual fans and dual heat pipes to improve airflow while gaming, creating, streaming incredibly, or multitasking.

HP Pavilion x360 14-Inch Laptop Features

HP Pavilion x360 14-Inch Laptop Features

Both devices remain equipped with HP Command Center, Performance Mode, and Balance Mode. The
HP Pavilion x360 14-inch laptop is HP’s first consumer laptop with a manual camera shutter that provides more privacy and security in today’s hybrid world.

The all-new HP Pavilion x360 14-inch laptop weighs just 1.41 kg. “EyeSafe Certified Display. The company says that the feature provides an always-on blue light filter for a comfortable viewing experience and is built into the display without the need to adjust any settings. Since you’re interested, you may also read this article: External Ram For Laptop – Install, PC, And More.

HP Pavilion 15 Review

With so many brands and models of laptops, choosing the right one can be a real headache more than this. In this full HP Pavilion 15 review, we’ll explore the specs of these mass-appealing devices and how they fit across the HP laptop lineup. A comparison with available models remains also shown.

In short, the HP Pavilion 15’s best users are students or young professionals on a tight budget who don’t want to skimp on specs. So if you don’t have a lot of cash but don’t want to suffer from frustration. Keep scrolling to check out this thin and light laptop with an Intel® Core™ processor and a Full High Definition (FHD) display, please.
What is the HP Pavilion 15 laptop?

HP Pavilion 15 is HP’s flagship entry-level laptop. But does entry-level mean you have to suffer from low-end specs and game-changing components? No chance.

The problem for college students, recent graduates, and other budget-minded laptop buyers is the idea of ​​sacrificing performance for performance. You may have to pull your hair out to struggle with a cheap device that lacks all the essential features. Note-taking, gaming performance, binge-watching, and work life can be painful experiences. It is an affordable high-performance device with specs for serious computer users on a budget looking for a high-performance laptop at an affordable price.


Its groundbreaking machine combines the specs most users want at a price that cash flow can support. It costs less than your average smartphone but offers very competitive processors, displays, storage, battery life, and more.

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