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Advance Auto Parts 380 Elmira RD STE 384 Ithaca NY 14850 USA


Advance Auto Parts 380 Elmira RD STE 384 Ithaca NY 14850 USA – In the heart of picturesque Ithaca, New York, amid the progressing hills and scenic beauty of the Member Lakes region, dishonesties Advance Auto Parts at 380 Elmira Rd Ste 384 Ithaca NY 14850 USA. This motorized haven is evidence of reliability, excellence, and unparalleled service in car upkeep. Whether you’re an experienced mechanic or a stay DIY enthusiast, Fee Auto Parts in Ithaca, NY, is the righthand spouse for all your automotive wants.

Benefits Advance Auto Parts 380 Elmira RD STE 384 Ithaca NY 14850 USA

Benefits Advance Auto Parts 380 Elmira RD STE 384 Ithaca NY 14850 USA

Advance Auto Parts, Inc. is an American motorized after marketing parts breadwinner. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, it helps specialized installers and do-it-yourself (DIY) clientele. As of April 2022, Loan operated 4,687 stores and 311 World Pay twigs in the United States and Canada. The business also serves 1,318 self-sufficiently owned Carquest-branded supplies in the U.S., Mexico, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and the British Virgin Islands.

A Comprehensive Inventory

Advance Auto Parts prides the situation on contributing a comprehensive inventory of auto parts, accessories, and maintenance products. This well-stocked store caters to numerous vehicles, from dense cars to heavy-duty trucks. No matter your kind or model, you’ll discover the components essential to keep Advance Auto Parts carry everything obligatory for routine upkeep and repairs, from engine oil and air filters to brake pads, batteries, and spark plugs. Moreover, they offer a wide variety of high-quality liquids, tools, and accessories to improve your vehicle’s performance and arrival.

Expert Advice and Customer Service

One of the standout topographies of Advance Auto Parts in Ithaca is its promise of exceptional customer facility. The knowledgeable and friendly staff are ready to assist customers, contributing expert information and guidance on choosing the right shares and tools for their wants.

Whether you’re an experienced mechanic looking for a specialized constituent or a novice DIY enthusiast seeking guidance, the staff at Advance Auto Parts is dedicated to ensuring that your automotive projects are fruitful. They understand that upholding and repairing your vehicle can be daunting, and they’re there to brand it as flat and easy as conceivable.

Convenient Online Shopping

In addition to the in-store knowledge, Advance Auto Parts offers the suitability of online shopping through their user-friendly website. Clienteles can browse their comprehensive inventory, check creation availability, and order parts online for in-store spontaneity. This choice is convenient when you need a piece immediately or prefer collation from the ease of your home.

Community Engagement

Loan Auto Parts is not just a business; it’s an active associate of the Ithaca public. They frequently engage in community proceedings and sponsorships, showing their promise to secondary and charitable brasswork in

About Advance Auto Parts 380 Elmira RD STE 384 Ithaca NY 14850 USA

About Advance Auto Parts 380 Elmira RD STE 384 Ithaca NY 14850 USA

Advance Auto Parts Inc. primarily involves Automobile Parts and Supplies – Retail – New. Advance Auto Parts Inc. functions in Ithaca, New York. This company is betrothed in Automobile Parts & Supplies – Retail – New and other likely related features and functions of Automobile Parts & Supplies – Retail – New. Ithaca Advance Auto Parts Inc. upholds its local business processes and may achieve other local business operations outside of Ithaca in additional functions connected to Automobile Parts and provisions. We are looking for car parts in Ithaca to get the job done by hand and done, right? Your local Advance Auto Parts at 380-384 Elmira Road is prepared to benefit vehicle proprietors like you. We have numerous leading name-brand automotive aftermarket parts and crops, and our skilled team memberships can answer your DIY questions. Plus, we provide nearby store facilities, fast, same-day choices at most sites, and additional.

Advance carries essential brands, including FRAM fluids and oil sieves, Carquest parts, Die Hard batteries, Meguiar’s wash and wax crops, and Weather Tech, to name a few. We stock vehicle parts and accessories, from cars, trucks, and motorcycles to ATVs and lawnmowers. Whether completing routine maintenance or rebuilding a train, you’ll find the gear you need at Advance. Our team of helpful car fans can propose specific parts for your project and share valued automotive knowledge.

Our services at most locations include free battery testing, free battery installation and registration with purchase, free front and rear wiper connection with purchase, free engine code scanning, free appetizer and alternator challenging, and free battery and oil recycling.

Featured Products Free In-Store Services of Advance Auto Parts 380 Elmira RD STE 384 Ithaca NY 14850 USA

Team members at Advance Auto Parts #6964 in Ithaca, NY, are here to ensure you get the right parts the first time. Our stores also offer various free services* and suitable hours to help make your life easier and your driving knowledge as smooth as possible.

Motor & Gear Oil Recycling

Motor or gear oil can harm our environment when not disposed of correctly. Let us recycle it for you the right way. Available for most vehicles in most locations unless prohibited by law.

Battery Recycling

Batteries are toxic to the setting if not willing to do it correctly. Not only will we recycle your battery for free, but you’ll also get a gift card for your old battery. Exclusions apply.

Battery Installation

Get free battery installation when you acquire a new battery from us. Available for most vehicles.

Charging & Starting System Testing

We’ll test batteries, starters, and alternators to ensure any vehicle starts and charges for even the most extended trips. We can perform these tests on or off your vehicle. This is an accessible facility for all customers.

Loaner Tools

Vehicle repairs can add up, particularly if you don’t have the gears for the job. Save money using our free loaner tool program. A refundable deposit is required.

Engine (Obd-Ii) Code Scanning

We’ll scan your OBD-II vehicle for free to diagnose your engine issues better. We’ll help you find a local technician if additional diagnoses are needed. Available for most OBD-II vehicles.

Speculative: Where Can I Find Used Auto Parts Near Me?

Speculative: Where Can I Find Used Auto Parts Near Me?

My Auto Stock is your go-to online supply for rummage-sale auto parts, including axles, transfer cases, AC compressors, engines, and transmissions. Our list has thousands of used auto parts ready for free shipping to your door. Whether you are looking for a used machine, information, or a used transfer case, all of our parts pass a 4-step quality switch process before they are listed on our website and come with a six-month warranty. Advance Auto Parts in Ithaca stocks parts for all vehicles, from cars and motorcycles to ATVs and lawnmowers. Whether you’re looking to complete routine maintenance work or rebuild an engine from the crushed up, you’ll find the necessary tools with us.

Our team of helpful car enthusiasts can propose specific parts for your scheme and share valuable automotive knowledge. Check out our online inventory or find the nearest location for Ithaca car parts and accessories. Save by signing up for Haste Perks, the loyalty package that earns points toward discounts on store substances and gas at active Shell positions. Reputable in 1932, Advance Auto Parts, Inc. is a foremost automotive aftermarket parts provider serving expert installers and do-it-yourself clientele. Stop in and Advance how you get back on the road today!


Advance Auto Parts at 380 Elmira Rd Ste 384, Ithaca, NY 14850, is additional than just a store; it’s a righthand partner for all your automotive wants. With a vast record of top-quality auto parts, a squad of experts, and a promise to outstanding customer facility, this founding stands as a beacon of fineness in automotive care. Whether you’re boarding on a DIY project or essential maintenance provisions, Fee Auto Parts in Ithaca, NY, is your one-stop destination for all automotive belongings. Appoint them today and knowledge of automotive fineness at its premium.

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